Monday, November 29, 2010

About Me

Ever since I was a child I had always dreamed of being an entrepreneur. Throughout the world people everywhere have dreams of success & prosperity, I was one of them, I had something in my heart that wanted to express!
I had partnered with my brother as a young girl doing a paper route. I would have to get up very early and help wrap the papers and take them in our wagon for delivery! I was very proud of that job, but I was also young! I did multi jobs after that but nothing that allowed me to shine. In my early 20's I started a company designing dance wear, swimwear, & sportswear for bodybuilders & dancers. I did this for about 17 years, and it became a JOB and I still had not found my passion!
In my mid- 40's I met my love, married, and moved from San Diego to Los Angeles. Shortly after that I became involved with Network Marketing. Failing misery, I started selling cars! Disaster! So I went back to Network Marketing and this time I chose a company called Send Out Cards. I saw the potential for healing peoples hearts with kindness and surprise! I jumped right in.
Send Out Cards has allowed me to be spiritually & artistically creative, as well as financially independent. I love showing others how to express themselves with pictures & words. Nothing gives me more pleasure than to hear how someones heart had been touched by a personalized message through a creative greeting card that they had just received.
As soon as my husband retires we would love to hop in our RV and travel throughout the Great USA & Canada changing lives one card at a time!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Passionate hearts and genuine praises are invariably contagious!

I hired a professional Swedish masseuse to work on my husbands body today. She arrived at our house at 10am. She unloaded her car and proceeded into our house to set up. We sat down for some tea and coffee and she got to know my husband a bit by asking him some general health questions. We actually sat for about an hour before she proceeded to prepare my husband for his massage. She had plugged in her heating pad and her table (yes, a heated massage table) and asked my husband to hop on, lay down and covered him with heating pads, and sheets. She lifted his legs by using a special round pillow for comfort and placed his head in a support rack. Now this is what I call passionate heart!!! She then proceeded to start the massage. At this point I left the room for a while to work on some calls. I worked for about an hour and came out to our living room where the massage was being preformed. The masseuse was just getting to his back. She had spent the entire hour I was working, working on his feet and legs!!! I sat on the chaise lounge to watch. She continued up his back working the muscles up the spine, down the hips and back up again. Kneading deep and yet gentle. She worked on him for at least another 1 1/2 hrs. All the while she was massaging him she was telling him how wonderful he was and what a heart of gold he has! Continual praise and acknowledgement! She got to the head and face and gently massaged while leading him into a meditation whereby the Angels were gently caressing him and kissing him. When he came out of his meditation and arose up off the massage table I could see a complete change in his demeanor. He was filled with an awe and passion that I had not seen before. I noticed throughout the day my husbands heart of gold filled with passion for each person he came in contact with. It's inevitably true, passionate hearts and genuine praises are invariably contagious!