Monday, November 29, 2010

About Me

Ever since I was a child I had always dreamed of being an entrepreneur. Throughout the world people everywhere have dreams of success & prosperity, I was one of them, I had something in my heart that wanted to express!
I had partnered with my brother as a young girl doing a paper route. I would have to get up very early and help wrap the papers and take them in our wagon for delivery! I was very proud of that job, but I was also young! I did multi jobs after that but nothing that allowed me to shine. In my early 20's I started a company designing dance wear, swimwear, & sportswear for bodybuilders & dancers. I did this for about 17 years, and it became a JOB and I still had not found my passion!
In my mid- 40's I met my love, married, and moved from San Diego to Los Angeles. Shortly after that I became involved with Network Marketing. Failing misery, I started selling cars! Disaster! So I went back to Network Marketing and this time I chose a company called Send Out Cards. I saw the potential for healing peoples hearts with kindness and surprise! I jumped right in.
Send Out Cards has allowed me to be spiritually & artistically creative, as well as financially independent. I love showing others how to express themselves with pictures & words. Nothing gives me more pleasure than to hear how someones heart had been touched by a personalized message through a creative greeting card that they had just received.
As soon as my husband retires we would love to hop in our RV and travel throughout the Great USA & Canada changing lives one card at a time!